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Ian Marsh, Streetsmart Business School

We created four marketing campaigns with full copywriting for Streetsmart Business School (video)

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Oris Squadrito
Oris Squadrito, CEO and Owner, Bayside Limousines Cars and Buses

“My business has gone from having a basic website with ok copy to now having a website that is the envy of most of my competitors”

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Wilhelmina Ford
Wilhelmina Ford, Founder and Owner, Doggy Pause

“I’ve made a real difference to my bottom line and also to my business systems with the help of Irene”

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Matthew Dugas
Matthew Dugas, General Manager, Alligator Constructions

“I will not hesitate to work with Irene again… the quality of work and efficiency was first class”

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Chris Kusturin 300x300
Chris Kusturin, Registered Surveyor and Owner, Civil Directions

“We picked up an additional 30% of new leads from the mobile website”

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Alan Jarrot
Alan Jarrot, Founder of Lifejems

“I passionately recommend Irene will improve any personal or business communication”

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sandra bravo 200x300
Sandra Bravo, Founder of Amasssing Women’s Retreat

“I want to sign up to my own retreat!!!”

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