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Being a business owner can be difficult.  It’s challenging enough finding new clients, trying to stand out from the competition ... let alone making a profit. According to Forbes 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months of starting.


Because they don't differentiate themselves from other businesses. They don't clearly communicate their value proposition. And most importantly, they don’t have a TRUE understanding of their client.

That's what I'm passionate about... helping business owners and entrepreneurs identify their ideal clients, discover their frustrations and create a compelling message using direct response copywriting and marketing.


Here's the thing...

Copywriting is really about problem solving, intense research and identifying your unique message to make sure it appeals to your target audience. Marketing is the next step.  The tool you need to make sure your audience sees your message, by putting it where they hang out.

Hi, this is Irene Scott the founder of Cat & Kite Communications, an independent communication solutions provider, using copywriting and marketing to spark the curiosity in clients and industry leaders. At Cat & Kite Communications we use systems, tools and tell your stories in a compelling way to take your business to great heights.

Our Aim is to Get Your Message Seen, Noticed and Remembered… to Fly!


What I do is help business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, to have a business… not a job.


So, how do I do that exactly?



I show them successful copywriting secrets they can use in their online and offline advertising to get fast and easy results with their marketing dollars.


I show business owners hundreds of tested, proven and cost-effective marketing strategies, and I help them implement them.



And finally, I create systems for their business, to reduce the hours they need to work in their business… and to make it attractive to sell.


I didn’t start out working in business, although I always wanted to work for myself.

Irene's Story

I started my career… 20 years of it, as a structural engineer specialising in bridge design.  And I was very lucky I was able to do that… to follow the passion I’d since I was young.

You see, I grew up in a very traditional Eastern European family in Sydney, Australia.

I didn’t even learn to speak English until I started school… which was an awful experience. As you can probably imagine… with kids being kids… there was lots of teasing and making fun.

My Dad was very traditional and expected my brother and me, to listen and obey everything he said.  He was, after all, the head of the household.

And my Mum, a “stay at home Mother” was expected to stay to look after us.

So… when I told him at 13 that I wanted to be a bridge engineer… well, you can imagine his reaction!

“No you can’t do that. You’re a girl.”  And he meant it.

Luckily for me I’m very stubborn, and a good negotiator.

I ended up graduating from Sydney University with First Class Honours and the University Medal… which not many girls had accomplished before me.

So I specialised in bridge design and loved it!  There were many times I felt amazed to be get paid to do something I loved.

You see, my main goal was to help people.  And I believed bridges were the way to really help communities.

What I later realised, was the community do not always feel they need a bridge.  They would be wary, and sometimes hostile, as to why we were building in bridge in their backyard.

At the same time my need to have my own business became stronger. 

Ten years ago, my partner and I, started our commercial blueberry farm.  We worked on this business on the weekends, and did our engineering during the week.  We loved the freedom of the farm, however, we were not making any profit in the business.

My business mentor told me our business was an ugly baby.  And it was true.  I just hadn’t seen it that way before. Our blueberry sales price was totally controlled by the import market. And we had no real contact with your ideal clients.

What happened next changed our lives.

My partner Steve, had a heart attack from financial stress due to the business not running profitably.

And what I realised was that there a lot of business owners who live with financial pressure and stress.  Our first business had no systems and no marketing in place!  Luckily we put systems in place and sold it for a profit.

It was then I became a Marketing Strategist and Copywriter once I discovered there was a genuine need for this.

I discovered most small business owners spend a lot of their time and money looking for new customers. I wanted to help them to create systems to automatically find new customers and (more importantly) turn them into raving fans (so they don't need to keep finding more people).

This led me to become a professional copywriter, a certified business advisor and it was the driver for me to write my book “Free Flow... How to Quadruple the Amount of Hot Leads in Your Business."

I now have used my 20 years’ experience as an engineer, and have combined my analytical skills with my knowledge as a professional copywriter to analyse problems, simplify the complicated, and create a compelling message for my clients that increases leads, clients and sales.


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I am passionate about making complicated things and simple… creating systems for my clients, writing copy that flows and creating logical marketing strategies.  As well as using my logical and systematic thinking from my engineering career.

I complement my unique experiences with my multiple certifications (Certified Business Advisor, Member of Professional Writers Alliance, Master Facilitator, Certified Speaker, and Certified Conversion Strategy Coach).  In addition, I have completed a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree.

But here’s my confession…

I’m actually obsessed with copywriting and marketing!  It’s like a virus. And once I got infected… I’ve never been the same again.

This means I spend my spare time researching, learning, reading and analysing other copy and marketing strategies.

When I work with clients I use my engineering skills to analyse and research my clients target audience in detail.

In fact… I spend up to 80% of my time researching and the rest of the time writing copy. I do this because I want to get a deep understanding of what drives their target client, so I can write to them in their language.

And most importantly… I really care about my clients. 

They become like family to me, which is why I’m happy to work with them late into the night or on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, if they need me.

Why do I believe copywriting is important for business?  Because it will help you bring in more new qualified leads and convert them into clients. Without clients you don’t have a business.  Copywriting is the skill of “speaking” your prospect’s language so they want to do business with you.

So what I do is provide focused, personal and dedicated service to my clients by understanding them and their target clients. I provide copywriting and marketing strategies to ensure the copy is seen / heard by researching the message for the right target audience.

I specialise in direct response copywriting and marketing, which means my clients will see if the copy and marketing worked.  They’ll be able to see the results and track it.

And I spend thousands of dollars every month and spend many, many hours on my continuing education, to ensure I deliver the most up to date marketing and copywriting that is proven to work now.

Who We Support

Here at Cat & Kite we love to support children through Compassion Australia. Why?

Because to us business means helping others. And we believe it starts with giving hope to children so they’ll inspire and help others in the future.


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Professional copywriter member with the Professional Writers Alliance.

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