Book Reviews

One thing I love to do is read. Whether its books on marketing, copywriting, business or biographies… basically, anything that has valuable content in it is high on my reading list!
And I love sharing what I’ve learned.
Here are some of the important lessons I learned from my favourite books.

dot com secrets 194x300
DotCom Secrets

Author: Russell Brunson Title: DotCom Secrets My Lessons Learned: As business owners, we need to provide value to our clients Every business needs to have a “value ladder”, where you add more value to your clients the more…

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Daniel Pink 195x300
To Sell Is Human

Author: Daniel Pink Title: To Sell is Human My Lessons Learned: As entrepreneurs, we are in sales. We need to sell ourselves and our business in order to connect with our clients Selling is not about the money….

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