Cat & Kite’s Menu of Services for Small to Medium Businesses and Entrepreneurs

You have a business with great products or services, but you’re not sure if you’re communicating the benefits to your prospects effectively. If so, I can help.


By using copywriting, marketing and strategy to create your unique message so you bridge the gap between you and your ideal clients. 

After all, business is all about creating relationships with others.  And the best way to do this is by building trust.  This means you need to “talk”, connect, and engage with people on an emotional level.  You need to tell them how you can best help them, rather than “selling” to them.

My Aim is to Get Your Message Seen, Noticed and Remembered… to Fly!

Here’s a summary of the services I offer to for small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs including speakers, authors, and trainers.


- Copywriting to Attract and Retain Your Clients

I work directly with web designers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, and individuals to create compelling copy to attract and engage your ideal clients.

My services include writing, editing, critiquing and/or optimising copy for:

  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Video Scripts
  • Phone Scripts
  • Direct Response Mail
  • Sales Letters
  • Brochures
  • Websites (including SEO copy)
  • Landing Pages
  • Email sequences
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Signage
  • Business Cards
  • Case Studies
  • Text Messages
  • Blogs
  • Online Ads (Google Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  • Book back cover descriptions
  • eNewsletters

... in fact, anywhere you need your message to be seen, heard and remembered in order to attract and retain your clients.

- Copywriting to Promote You and Your Story

I love working directly with you to dig deep and find out what’s unique about your story (and there’s always something amazing!). I use a process to search for the gold, and then I craft your story so it emotionally engages with your audience.

My services include writing, editing or critiquing for:

  • Your Biography
  • About Us website page
  • Case Studies
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Your Brand Story
  • Cover Letters and CVs
- Copywriting to Win Tenders

Do you have a tender submission, proposal, report or brochures that really needs to be polished? If so, I can help. 

I combine my engineering skills of being detail-orientated, organised and succinct with my copywriting skills to create professional winning documents.

My services include writing or editing for

  • Tender proposals
  • Corporate reports
  • White Papers
  • Brochures


Now that you have a clear message and you know who your ideal client is, you need to connect with them where they hang out.  This means you need to Market to them.

I create marketing campaigns for you to attract your ideal clients, to find referrals and to build relationships.  The marketing campaigns may be online, offline or a combination, depending on who your ideal client is and where they hang out.



Your clients see up to 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements every day, so you need your marketing to cut through the clutter in order to stand out.

And there are so many marketing options out there. Where do you start? Update the copy on your website, send out postcards or create a referral campaign?

Your first step is to properly plan your marketing and create short, medium and long-term strategies to make sure your message isn’t lost in the crowd.

I can help you with this by doing strategy sessions.  This means I do an in-depth Business Analysis to see what you really need. 

My services include writing a specific Marketing Plan which includes a step-by-step 90 Day Action Plan. This is focused on attracting clients, finding referrals and building relationships.

I also offer ongoing coaching to clients so they can create their own marketing campaigns.



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Do You Have Any Questions?

You may still have some questions about how Cat & Kite Communications can get your message to fly.

Below are two short videos answering what is copywriting and marketing.  And how do we have the industry experience to be able to write about your business.


What is Copywriting Video?

Industry Experience Video

Ready to Start?

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