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Oris Squadrito, CEO and Owner, Bayside Limousines Cars and Buses

“Irene has guided my business through an interesting journey.  Coming from a background of no marketing knowledge whatsoever to now feeling like a light has been turned on.

My business has gone from having a basic website with ok copy to now having a website that is the envy of most of my competitors. We now also provide a Newsletter every two months to our customers.

Irene also prepared “Clients Needs Analysis” highlighting where we needed to focus our attention. Irene is a fantastic resource of information on almost every subject and topic.

Irene’s engineering background makes her very precise in the way she approaches situations.

I highly recommend Irene to anyone looking to engage a business coach as I know that she delivers above and beyond and she can mould her skills to any type of business as long as the business owner is prepared to listen, do and implement her coaching.”